Some of your Questions:

Q. What is Back Coaching?

Back Coaching Services (BCS) provide holistic, lifestyle modifications and strategies that can help many people with chronic back pain to live better, healthier lives.

Q. How does Back Coaching work?

Ron Clinton utilizes the McKenzie System of Physical Therapy Treatment for the Spine. It is a holistic system involving an extremely thorough evaluation. The evaluation is then followed by a customized treatment program using exercises designed for the unique conditions of each patient. The program utilizes research-based strategies and specific hands-on treatments. The McKenzie System involves the patient in his or her own healing process, allowing each patient to self-treat and not only manage the existing problem(s), but also prevent future episodes of the problem(s). Ron uses the McKenzie System to teach his patients how to take control of chronic back pain so that the pain no longer controls them. He uses a direct, one-on-one teaching approach, working with each patient until he or she is completely comfortable with the system and strategies needed to manage and prevent spine-related pain. Finally, once symptoms are under control, Ron adds strengthening exercises to the individualized program, preparing his patents to return to a normal, active lifestyle.

Q. Will Back Coaching with Ron Clinton be able to help me?

Ron Clinton's history as a Back Coaching Specialist demonstrates a proven track record of the effectiveness of his customized program for eliminating back pain.

At least 24% of patients succeed in completely eliminating all back pain symptoms.

Another 62% of Ron't patients have at least a 50% decrease in both the intensity AND the frequency of chronic back pain symptoms.

Almost every patient (86%) will have a 50% reduction in either the intensity or the frequency of chronic back pain symptoms.

Several studies suggest that 70-90% of all back sufferers benefit from the McKenzie treatment methods.

NOTE: The above statistics are based on a 221-patient study from 1997-2000 who worked with Ron for at least 6-10 sessions. The effectiveness of his methods has grown since this study, and he continues to improve his program based on research and best practices.

Q. What about neck pain?

The McKenzie System of Physical Therapy is also used for neck pain. Similar results are obtained for those who suffer chronic neck pain.

Q. What are Ron Clinton's qualifications?

Ron has treated spine patients almost exclusively since 1988. Less than 1% of all Physical Therapists have specialized to this degree. Ron has taught at the university level and led professional seminars on neck and back pain. His client satisfaction scores are extremely high, and his results are not only excellent but cost effective as well.